Who I am and what I do

I learned to cook from my dad, who was the master of “a little of this, a dash of that, and a whole bunch of this” until it tasted good. His motto was “if everything you put in it tastes good…it’ll taste good.” I make my food that way. You’ll see in my recipes things like “three big spoon spoonfuls” and “five shakes of the bottle” and “season to taste.” Embrace the customization allowed in these recipes.

These recipes are not only inspired by my dad but who I am. I am a 100% service connected medically retired Army veteran single dad of kids who I need to eat healthily. They are still too young at this point to chow down on steaks or chops so I use a lot of ground meat and shredded meat with pasta, rice, and potatoes mixed with healthy veggies. It’s delicious and easy to eat. I also like to use exotic meats for different flavors and nutrient profiles. Feel free to substitute your own ground meat of choice in those recipes.

Now for the name “Apocalypse Cuisine.” You may be wondering where that came from. Well, it came from two inspirations. Initially it started as a joke on my Facebook page due to the COVID19 pandemic quarantine. I was showing off the food I was making with what I had in my freezer and pantry and calling it #apocalypsecuisine. From there I decided that I could show people how to plan for a SHTF scenario and think about what to keep on hand in bulk. You can do a lot with noodles, rice, beans, frozen meat, and some canned sauces and marinades. You may not be able to get fresh veggies in that scenario, but freeze-dried cans last a decade.

I hope you enjoy following this blog and I hope you learn something, whether that be how to cook a nice meal for your kids and yourself or how to plan out meals and storage for a SHTF scenario.

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