Lamb and Hatch Chile Loaded Shells and Cheese

Have you ever looked in your pantry and found it empty other than a box of mac n cheese? That doesn’t mean you have to have a boring meal and this recipe is proof of that. It may not be as “from scratch” as my other recipes but it is worth trying out, I promise.Continue reading “Lamb and Hatch Chile Loaded Shells and Cheese”

Deconstructed Red Cabbage Rolls with Farm Fresh Beef

I love cabbage rolls but they take such a long time to make. But dont worry, I found a way to get that same flavor in a one bowl meal. All you need is two skillets and the following ingredients. Half a head of red cabbage, 1 lb of farm fresh ground beef, your favoriteContinue reading “Deconstructed Red Cabbage Rolls with Farm Fresh Beef”

Bulgogi Inspired Brussel Sprout Fried Rice

Here is another Korean inspired dish which is again inauthentic. This is just more my interpretation of a food using Korean flavors. In this recipe all you need is a skillet and an Instant Pot. The kids absolutely devoured this. Without further ado here is the list of ingredients and recipe to follow. 2 lbContinue reading “Bulgogi Inspired Brussel Sprout Fried Rice”

Korean Vermicelli with Chicken and Broccoli

One day I got a bug up my butt to go to a local Korean market and get some of the foods I loved when stationed in Korea to introduce to my kids. I found Korean vermicelli and some marinades for both chicken/pork and beef. This recipe uses the chicken/pork marinade. All you need forContinue reading “Korean Vermicelli with Chicken and Broccoli”