Getting Started

You may wonder how I got this blog started or how you can get your own blog started. I was guided heavily by a friend and sister-in-arms who I deployed to Iraq with, Nyota Gordon. She runs Transition365 which supports Veterans through courses and events, (both live and virtual) providing veterans a space to play and consider who they want to be and how they want to show up once they leave the military. The mission is for them to walk away with a bulletproof life plan that allows them to be confident in what it means to live their best-imagined life.

I reached out to her initially because I was thinking about writing a cookbook and I knew she had written a book recently. I was wondering how she did so. She guided me in the direction of starting a blog first and here I am. We discussed different platforms and I eventually settled on WordPress, which was pretty easy to navigate. She gave me the idea to try to get sponsored posts, which I will eventually work to do. I truly appreciate her invaluable guidance and more importantly her support in getting this blog off the ground. Definitely reach out to her if you’d like some guidance like I got.

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