Farm Fresh Pork Penne with Brussel Sprouts and Onion

Today I went to the processor and picked up half a hog from a local farm that raises hormone and antibiotic free hog. I stocked my freezer and all but one giant Boston Butt would fit. You know what that means…we’re cooking Boston Butt tonight. Check out below to see what I did with it so you can do it too.

Here is what you need: approximately 3 lb Boston Butt roast, 1/2 lb Brussel Sprouts, 1/2 onion, Penne pasta, lard, Dale’s Seasoning, Balamic Vinaigrette, Celery Salt, and Garlic Powder.

First, put the roast in the instant pot with 1 cup of water. Coat the top of the roast with Dale’s Seasoning and the coat it again with Balsamic Vinaigrette. I cooked it on high for 45 minutes, but that wasn’t enough and I did it for another 20, which seemed to be enough. 1 hour 20 min is what I’ll try next time. Once the pork is done shred it. My favorite way is to use the wide blade on the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Add the juice back to the meat and set it aside.

Next, boil a heaping cup of penne pasta in oiled and salted water. Fry quartered Brussel Sprouts and diced onions in lard (or oil of your choice) on medium high heat, seasoned with celery salt, until brown and onions are soft. Reduce heat. Add penne and about 1 lb of the pork with some of the juice. Add garlic powder, stir and simmer the mixture for about 5 minutes, serve, and enjoy.

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