Lamb Rotini with Zucchini in Red Sauce

It’s the time of year for delicious squash. So tonight we’re adding zucchini do our diet. Adding to it the delicious taste of lamb and a little red sauce. Perfection. This is a super simple and super tasty recipe that the whole family will enjoy. Keep reading for the ingredients and instructions.

What you need: 1 lb of ground lamb, 1 medium zucchini, 1 heaping cup of rotini, 1 bottle of red sauce, garlic salt, lard (or an oil of your choice), parmesan cheese.

Start by boiling your noodles. While they boil chunk up your zucchini into quartered chunks and fry it in a medium high skillet in a scoop of lard (or an oil of your choice). Season to taste with garlic salt. Fry until brown crisp edges appear. Add ground lamb and crumble. Fry until done and drain the oil. Add cooked noodles and stir it all together. Add approximately 1 cup of your favorite red pasta sauce and stir it in. Simmer until the sauce is hot. Serve topped with parmesan cheese. Enjoy.

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